October 7, 2013

A little phone love

I haven't been the best this whole pregnancy with using my big camera to take pictures of our days.  Normally it's the good ol' Iphone. So I thought I'd post some from there. Obviously, not the best quality, but you'll get the point of some of our daily happenings! Be prepared - picture overload. I could have added WAY more...but narrowed it down.

My awesome mom mobile. I kinda heart having a van. Like a lot. I always said I'd NEVER drive a van...well said. Never say never. And also don't diss it... if you drove one and had 2 kids to tote around, you'd fall in love too!

Skyping with Harperdoodle one day. She was thrilled :). My kids however were super thrilled and love skyping with Ty, Kay and Harper.

A little reading - this kid loves books!

A rare sweet moment between the two!

A little fall decorating. I'm impressed I really got anything up this year! This is about the extent of fall decorating though. 

Sean met me at Octoberfest this year and we enjoyed a little lunch date. And I may have ate A LOT of food!

I had a crafter noon and sewed quite a few things. This carseat canopy, a paci lovey, a carseat blanket and the other day I finally got her embroidered baby blanket sewed. I don't have to many projects left, but the dewing ones are done for now until she comes. I have some onesies to make her but want to see how big she is first.

This little girl loves her sister!

Meeting Harper for the first time!

Love him!

So Lyla thinks that only dead people are in ambulances whenever we see them, so our friend works as a paramedic and gave them a little tour of the ambulance and checked her heart! :) 

Her first day of dance this year!

A little girls day to Salina to see Harper and pick up last minute baby stuff!

Our last family  mini vaca. We went to the KU game and it was HOT! 

The net day we went to this zoo where the animals are free and you can pet them outside of Wichita. Afterwards we went to Uncle Bro's and Aunt Kelci's and stayed the night! Cousinly bath!

The following day Cohen had a follow up immunologist appt and then we headed to the State Fair.

When we cleaned the carseat for the baby, Cohen thought it was for him!

A little something for the baby!

She loves the Jayhawks!

Daddy ran his first 10k of the year in Sept and Cohen cheered him on.

Daddy was sick and Cohen got it. A little snuggling with him!

Girls day at my OB appt!

So there is this guy (Steve) that is walking with his goat (LeeRoy) from the Space Needle to Times Square. Well he came through and we took him some money, food, and gloves for his trip. He was a super nice guy and is doing this as a missionary type trip. You can read about it at needle2square.com. Definitely worth checking out! And if you can offer him something, I know he'd appreciate it! 

Face timing with baby Ben! Obviously he's not a baby anymore, but we still call him that.

Something we have done lots of lately - evening walks! Lyla loves riding her bike and I want to walk this baby out!

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