October 3, 2013

39 weeks :: Baby Jay 3.0 ::

How far along? 39 weeks
Total weight gain? 31 lbs - though now I think most of it is just water weight.
Maternity clothes? Yup
Sleep? This past week it hasn't been bad. I've been getting up like clock work at midnight and 4/5. Preparing me to do it for the next 6 months!
Best moment this week?  Nesting - I have been a nesting fool since Saturday and I'm happy to say our house is a little cleaner, less cluttered and more organized. We also installed her carseat finally too!
Miss anything? Being about to move normally. My pubic bones not hurting anymore.
Movement? Yes - She's a mover esp at night!
Food cravings? Pineapple
Anything making you queasy/sick? Not lately, knock on wood!
Gender? It's a girl! And yes she has a name but still a secret!
Labor Signs? I think I had a good one the other night that I could tell. I'm not good at telling b/c all I really know is contractions with pitocin and my water broke. So I'm not used to little ones and can't really tell much.
Symptoms? Normal pregnancy stuff. I hurt, I'm tired and I don't move very fast! :)And I feel HUGE. The newest one for me is that I'm just now starting to swell pretty good. My left foot is way bigger than my right and the longer I sit without my feet up, the bigger they get!
Belly button in or out? Slightly out.
Wedding rings on or off? Off - my hands are pretty swollen.
Happy or moody? Honestly, I'm pretty moody - just depends how I feel. But I'm pretty sure Sean is ready for me to be back to my happy self!
Looking forward to? Her just being here!

At my appt today I was dilated to just about a 4 and he stretched me to a good 4 and also stripped my membranes. I was also measuring 37 weeks, so he thinks she has dropped some. I'm also about 70-80% effaced. So I have made some progress. And we forgot to check her heart rate! I go back in a week unless she decides to come sooner! 

So the whole nesting part - I never nested with the other 2 and this time I'm in some crazy mode when it comes to my house. I think it is messy all the time, even if it is not. And if it is a mess, I have to clean it right away.  This weekend we finished up Cohen's room, painted Sean's man room, decluttered closets, cleaned out the van and installed the seats in there new spots, and just lots of basic cleaning! We worked 2 days straight and I was REALLY hoping it was a sign that I'd have her, but not so much! I'm sure she'll be late! Just following suit of her siblings! 

I still need to sew her blanket which is on my list to do this week along with her carseat canopy. Oh, and I packed my bag and her stuff so I really am all ready for her. 
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