November 3, 2013

Halloween festivities

I didn't get to do everything I wanted with the kiddos during October for Halloween. You know, I was kinda busy having a baby and all! :) But we did manage to paint some pumpkins, do some carving and lots of trick or treating! 

Mimi had brought the kiddos some mini pumpkins and so we painted them! Cohen picked yellow, Lyla blue and I picked red! We didn't plan it but we ended up having KU pumpkins! :) Just in time for the start of KU basketball! 

The kiddos LOVED the painting and of course, Cohen managed to get it everywhere! :) 

I love this picture because of the way Cohen is looking at Ly! He LOVES his big sister SO much!

Wednesday night we carved our pumpkins! We stuck to the traditional jack-o-lanterns! This is what Miss Stella did while we had lots of fun! :)

I carved the little one and Sean carved the big one! 

Thursday afternoon, after nap, I got the kiddos dressed up in their costumes and snapped a few very quick pictures of the kiddos. I had told them we were going trick or treating early in downtown Hays at all the businesses so they wanted nothing to do with pictures and everything to do with candy!

My "GOOD" witch!

Cohen was our little scarecrow!
This is how is little session started! :) It's not in focus but I love it because it depicts Cohen to a T!

Oh, his smile melts me! Love his wrinkle nose!

And Stella was hungry and wanted a boob more than she wanted her picture taken! 
But if you can't tell, she was our little Dorothy.

I really didn't have the plan to do a wizard of oz theme but my parents gave me some of my old costumes and Lyla found my old witch's hat and so that was easy! Then a client of mine was selling their son's scarecrow costume and I thought that was perfect for Cohen. And then since Lyla is so little I wanted something easy so I sewed the skirt and bow and Dorothy was born!

This was the best picture I could get of the kiddos before we went trick or treating. They were just way too excited! 

They both got TONS of candy and had some much fun. Cohen caught on super quick and would walk up and say ick eat and then then thank you! :) Love him! Next year Halloween will be even crazier with a 5 year old, 3 year old and 1 year old! Eek! :)

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