October 24, 2013

The hospital stay and going home!

Holy picture overload, just to inform you! :) 

I was group b strep so Stella had to be monitored for 48 hours before we could go home. I absolutely can not sleep in the hospital and actually went about 38 hours without any sleep. So not fun for this girl who loves her sleep! Plus I wasn't feeling the best friday/saturday so it was nice to stay in there and just relax.  We ended up going home around 430 Saturday as a family of 5! So crazy to think we are a fam of 5 now! 

The kids came to see us each morning!  They love Miss Stella and Cohen was actually semi cooperative with taking pictures! He has such a cheesy smiles these days!

A few of our visitors! Hi Shelly! :)

Stella's Great Grandma - Nana

Hello world! 

Granna and Pops

Aunt Kelci

Saturday Sean and I lounged around after the kids left in the morning and it was so nice to lay together and watch the KONA ironman race! I think Stella enjoyed it! :)

The kids were a bit bored while in the hospital so the IPAD was their best friend!

Sean filled this out for me! A Dizzle??

He likes to keep tabs on her!

Stella's going home outfit! We have all worn KU home with each kiddo! I loved her little gown!

Oh, my heart is full! And there is Cohen's cheesy grin full fledge! :)

Ready to roll out!

 Oh, I love everyone in this picture! So blessed!

Loaded and ready to go...and read a book!

As we were taking a family picture at home, Stella blew out her diaper which cut the pics short!

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