October 2, 2013

Cohen's Room

 This is super sad to say, but this is the first time Cohen has had his own, decorated room. When we lived at our old house it was just a 2 bedroom, so he slept in our room for a while before he moved down to Lyla's room. Lyla moved in with us (because technically, she was there every night anyways).

We have been quite lazy about decorating our house because we felt like we outgrew it the second we moved in. I started on his room once we found out that we were having another baby because we knew he would not be sleeping with the baby, even if it was a boy. He is the lightest sleeper and that would just not work for me. I'm not a "theme" person at all, so I just found things I liked on pinterest and put them together, hoping it looked ok. And well, I love how it turned out! Simple and sweet! 

I could not find striped curtains that weren't an arm and a leg so we ended up painting these. They are not perfect by any means and I suggest you don't look close, but I love how they turned out!  The white shelf was made out of a pallet by Sean.  Cohen's favorite part of the room would be the basket of balls under his window! :)

I love the super hero saying for Cohen - so cute! Sean just recently added an old mitt of his and 2 baseballs, which he loves. For the first few days they were there, he would wake up and cry asking for the ball! The bear on the shelf is from my parents and was part of his baptism present.

This was one of the first inspiration pieces I pinned when looking at ideas for his room.  A friend gave me the rim which I spray painted and I bought 2 old maps and Sean made the airplanes. (True story, I can not make paper airplanes!). My favorite piece in the room!

Just an old frame that I painted white and added a silver C - pretty simple!

Yes, Cohen is still in a crib at 2. And the plan is for him to stay there until he climbs out (even if he's 15!), hich I'm extremely surprised he hasn't done yet. He's even climbed in, just not out. Cohen would destroy his room and house if he was in a toddler bed. He's also the earliest riser and I do not feel like getting up earlier than I need. If he wakes up early in the morning, he's content playing with his animals or a ball that he sleeps with every night. 

The Andy doll was Sean's from when he was little, so I'm going to guess somewhere around 30 years old! It's kinda falling apart, but Cohen likes it!

He sleeps with his KU pillow every night and also in the crib is the sock monkey we bought him as a baby. Plus a random punching glove pillow that was Sean's when he was little.

This corner is a little boring and still waiting for a few little touches including wall art! For now, the apple green side table made by Sean's grandpa a long time ago and his bookshelf (that never ever looks that organized!).

On top of the shelf is one of my favorite saying by Dr. Suess and Cohen's lovey bear from when he was a baby.

And that sums up his room. I think it came together pretty cute! Still a few pieces needed but it's mostly done and I love it! Sean "let" me have say on how his room is decorated now because he just sure that Cohen will want a KU room when he is older! :) We shall see!
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