June 28, 2012

Houston Trip/ Texas Ironman 2012

 Finally the big day! We got up around 3:30ish am I believe and got ready to head to the race. Kevin and Kelci has miss placed their keys so after searching for a while, Kevin came with us. Luckily, Kelci found the keys! ;)

Headed off to get ready!

 His fans!

 She loves him so!! 
 There were SO many people there! This was where he got his number put on him and got ready for the swim!
 She was over pictures at 5:30 in the morning!
 Luckily, they were both troopers!

 Daddy and Ben!
 Kev's biggest fan! ;)

 The competitors getting ready to go in to the lake.
 Sweet Ben! I just love him! He did pretty good during the race too!
 I'm just gonna guess that he's somewhere in there!  There were around 2400 competitors I believe, so tons of people! We stood up on a bridge watching them take off!
 Off he goes!

 This was the first transition where they got their bikes!

 Kelci and I kept looking for him and I kept looking for him based off his skin color and Kelci was going off his stroke I believe! Somehow we were able to find him! He's the green cap in the back.

 Grabbing his biking gear and seeing his fans for the first time!

 This is the canal they swam up. He had to swim 2.something miles.
 During the bike part, we had about 6 hours of a break. Luckily they had some splash pads, so Lyla got to play in the water a few times! We also got to do shopping and hung out with my cousins that live in Houston. Unfortunately, I never got one picture of us together!!
The ironman symbol made up of all the competitors names.
 Can you find his?

Finishing the bike ride and starting the run next! I took way to many pictures to put them all in the same post! ;)
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