June 20, 2012

Houston Trip/ Texas Ironman Part 2

 Friday we left mid-morning to head to Houston.  We did eat at a Jack In The Box for the first time as I've heard many things about them, but I wouldn't say it was anything that great! Good, not great.

When we got to Houston, we some how got a smoking room (blah) and got everything into our room. While we were unpacking the car and had a little trauma. My mom was getting Cohen out of his seat and Lyla was near her, playing with the door. Well (see where this is going?), Mom went to close the door and Lyla had her fingers in there and got them slammed in a shut door. Luckily, nothing was broke, no open wounds. She was a lucky girl.  Lots of crying later (mostly because she didn't want ice on her fingers) and she was fine!

 We saw Kevin, Kelci, Ben and Kelci's mom after we got there and while they went swimming we headed to The Woodlands and did a little shopping.  The Woodlands was AWESOME! It's a little town on the outskirts of Houston that is surround by woods. It felt totally secluded even though it was like less than a minute off of the busy highway.  I got to go to Home Goods for the first time, so I was in heaven! ;)

 After some shopping and driving around, we headed back to the hotel area and met the Kevin and Kelci for dinner at Texas Roadhouse!  Mr. Cohen is such a busy boy and touches everything in front of him and ended up breaking a plate while we were there!
After dinner we all headed back to the hotel and got ready for the next day, which was the race!  Kevin filled us in on where he would be and where good places to see him were. I'm so blessed because both of the kids slept really well on vacation and even adjusted to our weird wake up schedule! I can honestly say, traveling with the kids went pretty well!!
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