July 9, 2012

Houston Trip/Texas Ironman 2012

 Next up - Kevin finishing his bike ride. I think this took him around 5 1/2 - 6ish hours? They rode for 112 miles I believe so we only got to see him finish.  During his biking, we went and got breakfast, did some shopping, played in the splash parks and met up with family that live in Houston.

Coming into the bike finish.


  Then began the running. He ran a marthon - 26.2 miles. We got to see him come by us every 6 miles or so and then 2 miles later we saw him ran past us on the other side of the canal, so we got to cheer for him a few times!

 Ben and Cohen just hanging out. Luckily, Kelci and I are blessed with good babies and they all did so good!
 Give him a water bottle and he is a happy baby!

 Running by on the other side of the canal!
 The finish line is somewhere in there.
 And he finished. Here's a not-so-funny story. So Kelci and I had our parents and the babes go up to the finish line while we waited for Kevin to run by one more time towards the finish line. Well, Kevin never ran by. And that would be because he finished!!! We thought he was supposed to run by us 1 more time before going to the finish line. But instead, when he ran past us on the other side of the canal, there were only 3 more miles until the finish.  So our parents and the kiddos were the only ones that got to see him finish! But he did it and he did really well, finishing around 11 1/2 hours!

 Kevin Burkey - You are an Ironman!
 We then walked to the medical part of Ironman where there were chiropractors, massage therapists, food, drinks and the medic tent.  Well, Kevin went in to go get a massage and ended up getting sick and passing out to some degree. So they took him to the medic tent and he ended up being in kidney failure. Lots of fluids and puking later, and he was fine!
 Ironman 2012 wore Lyla out!

And that sums up his race! We are SO proud of him for how great he did! I love that we were able to be there to support him!
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