June 13, 2012

Sleep over and dress up

Our nieces didn't have a sitter for a few days so they got to come spend a few days with us and Lyla had her first official sleepover! And overall, it went great! ;)  Lyla was BEYOND excited that her cousins were coming over!

We got each of the kids a blow up pool this summer - this one and then a larger one for Lyla. We got Cohen's all ready for our sleep over because I couldn't find the air compressor thing to blow up the big one. And I barely had enough air to blow up Cohen's!

 He likes it! And now - anytime it's up and out he crawls right over to it and dunks his head in! Ha!
 We had a busy day on Thursday. We had Cohen's 9 month appointment, then went to lunch at McDonalds (I can't believe I actually ate there) and then we were off to get our nails done! The girls said they loved it but they were SO serious about the whole thing! 

The girls in the back. They were super excited to sit back there!
 And this girl was just EXCITED that Abi and "afery" were with her!

So after the appointment we headed to the hair school and got manicures. Lyla picked red, Abi I think was pink with sparkles(?), and Avery got blue, I think!

 This guys just hung out! ;)


 The big hit of the whole 2 days they were here, was this tunnel. They chased Piper through it, read books in it, watched TV in it and of course fought over it.

 And this guy just went with the flow and followed the girls everywhere!
 Prior to laying down for the night, Lyla through a huge fit because she wanted to have a sleepover. She didn't quite understand you actually have to sleep at a sleepover! She could have stayed up til 2 am if we let her! Night owl!

 Dress up occurred often! Lyla just forgot the clothes part!
 Ly loves her cousins!
 More fighting occurred over who could hold Cohen!
We also colored, watched the movie Hop, ate popcorn, read a million books, played outside and they helped me cook! I told Sean I could definitely have 4 kids. Sean told me his head would spin off if we had 4 kids! Ha! :) None the less, we loved getting to have our nieces over and I know Lyla enjoyed the time.
Love you girls!
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