June 12, 2012


Apparently, I took a little blog break! Most days I thought about blogging, but for some reason, never did! Lots going on lately! We have been busy swimming most nights, working on the house, and just staying busy! We are finally heading to the lake for the first time this weekend and I'm so ready! 

 Lets see...here is a little project I did the other day! I've been looking for canisters for my kitchen for a little while. I got some vinyl to add and I love! Cheap and easy!
I have been trying to do quite a few DIY stuff for the house and slowly, but surely things are coming along! We just finished putting laminate down in my office area, which I'll blog soon! That's the biggest project, next to painting, that we have down so far.

 This guy is getting big and is close to turning 10 months! He's finally starting to self feed more, but is picky! He will eat puffs now without a problem and will chomp down on a whole banana. But if you cut up a banana for him, he refuses to pick them up! He also gags on most foods we try that aren't purees!

 This little girl is becoming a sass! I'm not quite sure where she gets it from! However, she can still be sweet as can be! She says her mommy is her favorite and I just love that! :) She loves the water and every day after nap asks to go to the pool!  Sean is training for a few triathlons so we've been going to the pool quite a bit!
 So hard to believe she will be 3 soon! We are having a "You are my sunshine" party and I'm excited to start planning!
 Pointing - his new little thing he does! He's a screamer and we hear "eh" a lot!

 And he loves balls, balls and more balls.
 He has also started walking with things. Plus, I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but right after our trip he started true crawling. And now, he's just the quickest little thing! My baby is getting big! :(

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