June 19, 2012

A good and not so good lake trip

A picture-less recap. I stunk at taking any pictures over Father's day weekend. All I've got are some pictures of Lyla and some friends playing with bubbles. Exciting, yes? To Lyla, sure! Bad mommy/wife for not documenting more! 
Our first lake weekend can be rounded up to a success and a failure.
The successes:
We made it there.
We got set up rather easily and quickly.
We had tons of fun.
No one got burnt.
The failures:
We forget 75% of our food. Yes. We really did that. Everything cold from our steaks to home made mac and cheese and other sides. Our dinner Friday night consisted of driving to Bunker Hill, about 10 minutes away and going to quiznos.
It poured for 5 hours friday night and our boat wasn't covered well which made for a soaking wet boat Saturday morning.
Lyla wouldn't play in the water at all and would rather make sand castles. I consider this a failure because we are water people.
Cohen wouldn't fall asleep on the boat until the final 5 minutes we were on there resulting in a cranky baby who wouldn't play in the water. Lyla was asleep in the first 5 minutes we were on the boat. 
Sunday morning was a MESS. It started with a blown fuse which led us on a fuse chase. We tried a friend, then went to Bunker Hill, then to Alco in Russell, then an auto parts store in Russell, ate lunch a MCD's and made it back to get the camper and drop it off at the storage spot. From the time we took the boat to the storage and got home it was 5 hours. And mind you, the whole time we were driving and waiting, we were in a truck without air conditioning. On a 100 degree day. Kill me now. Trust when I say I whined.
But we were together, and happy and blessed beyond measure in the grand scheme of things. It could have been much, much worse! So while it felt like torture at the time, all is still good. And we now have like a million fuses in the camper, just in case.

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