June 14, 2012

Houston trip 2012 - Part 1

Kevin, my brother, competed in his first Full Ironman in May. Of course we wanted to be there to support him, so Thursday morning at 4 am we headed out of Great Bend Kansas, onward to Oklahoma City.  We left that early so we could let the kiddos sleep. They both do pretty great in the car, though Cohen wanted to be out and about after a while.
Mom and I in the wee early morning. We look a little ghostly!

Lyla heard us all getting around and didn't want to miss a thing so she woke up at 330 with us! ;) She was excited!

 The crew in the back!

I knew that with traveling with the kiddos I wanted to be able to stop and see a few things (I had never been to Oklahoma before) and let the kids stretch out.  So our first stop was the OKC bombing memorial! Beautiful place and I'm glad I got to experience it!

The kiddos and me!

We had packed lunches so we headed out to a outlet mall and at lunch in the grass! A little shopping later (and a new coach purse (: ), and we were on the road again.  We drove to Denton, Texas and found a hotel that had an indoor pool so the kids could swim! We also ate at a really good restuarant called the Green house. If you are ever in Denton, you must eat there. It was so good!

Cohen's first time in a pool! Overall, he liked it!
My little fish! At first she threw a big fit about going in the pool but once she was in, she had lots of fun!
This would be her showing off her muscles. Isn't she strong?

Next up, onward to Houston!

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