November 3, 2011

Trick-or-treat 2011

Happy Halloween! This was the first year that Lyla has some idea of what was going on! She would say Trick or Treat and thank you for the candy!! She also did really well with her costume! It took forever to get her in it and also a lot of screaming on her part but I shoved her in it, bribed her with pennies and she was happy as a clam! She didn't want the body part on or the shoes parts on but she wanted the hat part on. Weird child. I would have thought it would have been opposite!

The girls came over and Lyla was ecstatic! She loves her some Abi and Avery.

All the kiddos.

Our little family!

Our little monkey! Love him! Hat and tail courtesy of Oh for the love of crochet!

Our sweet pig! I wanted Lyla to be this pig before I even knew I was having a girl. The first time I saw it, I fell in love and had to have it. Well it was originally expensive for 2 hours of use, but I found it on sale! I LOVE it!

Lyla looks scared to death! Ha!

Trick or treat, please!

Cohen's tail...loved it!

The finished pumpkins Lyla painted!

Happy Halloween!!
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