November 7, 2011

The Happy Day Project

Does it make you feel good to do good for others? Julie at Joy's hope says it perfect -

Do something good. everyday.

(I love this saying so much, I put it on a canvas in Miss Lyla's room!)

Julie and a blog friend started The Happy Day Project which starts today! I just read about it last night, but I'm excited to jump on and participate. Not only is it good for me, it's important for me to instill things like this in Lyla and someday Cohen. I hope both my babes find the kindness in their hearts to want to help others. Not because they feel like they should... but because they genuinely want to. A lot of the time I have good intentions, but they don't always get carried through (horrible character flaw of mine). So this is something I WANT to work on! For me, my family and sweet kiddos.

Here is the schedule if you'd like to join along!

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