November 6, 2011

1st snow!

Last Wednesday, we had our first snow of the season. Ugh. I'm dreading this weather! This was the first time that Lyla got the concept of snow and what is was and she was pretty amazed with it. She kept looking out the window says, "Pretty snow, mommy, pretty snow." It may be pretty, but it's cold. I don't like cold. She wanted to go out in it so we captured her first time being out there and realizing what is is. Mr. Cohen also got to experience his first snow ever!

I just love this picture! I wonder what was going through her mind at this time.

Cohen's first snowfall!

I think she would have stayed out there all night admiring the snow! I, however, want nothing to do with it and would much rather be curled up on the couch with a blanket when it snows. Sean hates snow too, so looks like Lyla will be playing in the snow by herself! :) Oh, I'm sure she'll convince that dad of hers not to hate it and instead want to play in it!
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