November 11, 2011


Things have been crazy busy for me, business-wise, no things at home have been pretty slow. Lots of cuddling, laughing and loving!

This little girl got this piano toy from her pops and gigi and has really gotten into playing it lately along with following the little games online!

This fella has done a lot of this... I'm thinking he's been going through a week long growth spurt as he's been pretty crabby. He's normally happy-go-lucky and lately has been pretty fussy! Along with not wanting to sleep anyplace but my arms for his naps. He had also been getting up a couple times a night which he hasn't done for a long time. Thankfully, things are getting better! :) I keep reminding me it is just a phase!

Lyla has been big into putting things in the microwave. Why? Who knows, but we randomly find things in there. I've found blocks, my phone, the remote, and other odd things in there.

I love this picture! And I love my sweet family!

Lyla got into a little cosmetic bag in the diaper bag the other day and I found her like this! She thought she was pretty cool! I keep meaning to write down things that she has been doing and I keep forgetting. She is in such a fun age right now!

And amongst his cries, we still get his sweet smiles which melt my heart! :) He loves to be talked to and if he's fussy, most of the time a little talkn' to and he'll be happy again! Loves the attention!

And that's been about it! Tonight we are headed out with friends for our friend's 30th birthday and then a super busy weekend for me!
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