November 15, 2011

Doctor, doctor

Lyla wanted to play doctor this morning. Cohen was not impressed!

Hi, I'm doctor lyla!

How does his heart go? Ba-boom, ba-boom.

A shot in the face... probably not the best place to give those!

Your done? Thank goodness! :) I'm still alive!

These are a few little drawings that Miss Abi did for us. Well everyone except Uncle Sean! ;) Aunt Andrea is her favorite! ;) Abi- they are now hanging up in Miss Lyla's room!
In other news, the shirt Cohen has on today is a 3-6 month. I thought it was cute and wanted to see if it would fit him...and it did. He's growing so fast! It's still a tad bit big, but it isn't hanging off of him! I can't believe he'll be 3 months already on Thursday. Where in the world is time going?
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