February 25, 2011

The story...

This is purely for my records, but if you want to read a semi-funny or maybe not story, then here ya go.

Titled: How I found out I was knocked up (again)

First off, Sean and I were trying, but not really trying in November. And considering I needed infertility drugs to get pregnancy with Lyla, I kinda figured that was in the future (and it was as I was going to start them the following month).

It was Monday Dec 6th and I was headed to Salina with Lyla to do some Christmas shopping. I went to Target first and for some reason, while I was there, an inkling came over me that I was pregnant. I had no idea why, but it did. So I bought a test there and on my way out, my curiosity got to me, and I took the test in Target. I'm not patient and couldn't wait any longer. And as quickly as it could, it came up positive! Talk about freaking out and I had no one to talk to but a 1 year old that can't talk back. So I'm pretty much talking to myself, freaking out while I'm getting in the vehicle to leave. As I'm leaving I see Wal-mart and decide I needed another test because I couldn't believe the other one was positive. So I go in and buy a digital test and take that one in the Wal-Mart bathroom (again no patience). And low and behold, it said pregnant. Of course I wanted to tell Sean first and it was the hardest thing not to call someone and blurt it out.

I also decided I wanted a fun way to tell Sean. I looked all over Salina for something that said big sister and couldn't find a thing. I found a ton of Little Sister stuff, but not big sister. Finally, in Penney's I found Pjs that said Big Sister! So I planned it that we would get home just shortly before Sean and I had her all dressed in her shirt when he got home. He just looked at her at first and was like what is this all about? He apparently thought I bought it for her because I also say that Reese and Ly are sisters. After showing him the 4 tests I had taken, he finally believed me! :)

We also told our families right away that day. We emailed a picture of Lyla in her shirt to her Aunt and Uncles and her Grandma and Grandpa and then we skyped with her Granna and Pops. Of course, everyone was thrilled, and probably a little shocked... as were we! :)

Oh and for the record, I couldn't concentrate enough to shop and barely bought a thing! :)
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