February 10, 2011

Snow days.

I {really} hate winter. It makes me sad, lazy, depressed, lazy, sleepy, lazy, and cold. I have NO motivation whatsoever. I want sunny skies. I want to be able to go run outside, take walks. I want to just be outside, instead of inside. I'm ready for the lake. For the boat, but not for the maternity bathing suit that comes with that. Ugh... I want energy. Motivation. I want spring to come soon. I {need} it to come soon.

Ok, rant over.

We've been cooped up the last 3 days. Which doesn't bother me too much since I don't want to get out in this weather, whatsoever. But I am semi looking forward to getting out tomorrow esp. since I don't have to get Lyla out in it. Get this.... Seany boy is taking his princess on a date. Gasp. I know. Crazy. Looks like we'll do more than sit on the couch while Sean watches the history channel and I'm on the computer. We are too cool for school around here.

What else? I watched my nieces the other day and come to the decision I would love 3 girls. Girls are my type. I actually took pictures but now I just need the motivation to take my camera and hook it up to the computer.

Lyla also got her first experience in the snow. We lasted 5 minutes. Remember, I {hate} winter.

Lyla is doing well and almost 18 months. However, I feel like I spend most days saying no or yelling her name 5 times before she looks at me because she is so enthralled in the TV right. We are watching WAY more TV than I'd like, so that would be another reason I {hate} winter. There is nothing to do.

Ok, the vent is really over now!! :)
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