February 22, 2011

Lyla {18 months}

How in the world can you be 18 months sweet girl? Time has gone so fast. At our latest photo session, you looked so grown up to me. At times, you still remind me of my baby, but lately, you really are growing up.

- You have finally hit 21 lbs! Not sure on the rest, but will update at your appointment.
- You wear 12 month jeans (that are still big on you, but getting too short) and 12-18 months on everything else.
-Still size 3 diaper and your cloth diapers. I've been kinda lazy with the cloth the past 2 months, but now that I'm feeling better, you'll be in them again.

- You are an awesome sleeper. You go to bed around 8 or 8:30 and sleep until about 8 the next morning with a 2 hour nap in the afternoons.
- You are still a great eater! You will eat just about everything in front of you. You have your days where you don't like something, but then the next day you will chow it down. You never refuse snacks! You are still trying to eat with a spoon/fork, but most of the time you just use your fingers.
-You are starting to repeat more words, but don't really use them in context except for mommy, dada, puppy, and reese. You'll say please and thank you with a little reminding.
- Your vocab did take off a bit this month and you can now say please, reese, book, yellow, papa, love you. The past few days you have been calling Granna mum as well.

- You are trying to take off and run! Which usually leads you to falling on your head.

-You are no longer biting!!!!! But you do not play well with other kids most of the time. Sharing is not your favorite thing and whenever other kids come near you, you sometimes squeal. Sometimes you have your sweet moments with your friends and will hug them and hold their hand.

- You have started to love, love, love your babies. You love to feed them, burp them, and put them night night.
-But you love balls too. Your a mixture between girlie girl and tom boy.
-You love sunglasses, your daddy's hats, and momma's jewelry.
-You hardly cry now whenever I leave you. You give me a kiss and hug and off you go.
-Puppies are still your favorite thing ever. You shake in excitement whenever you see one and love to play with them. You recently got to play with a new puppy and you laughed the whole time it jumped all over you.
- You love being outside. You've even started enjoying the park a little more. You are still very timid about doing some of the stuff, but you didn't cry, so that's a plus!
Happy 18 months sweet girl!! You are a complete joy and we love you so much! Hard to believe you'll be 2 in a short 6 months along with becoming a big sister!!
We love you!
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