February 20, 2011

Bad blogger

I haven't been in the mood to blog lately. So consider yourself lucky today!

A little while back, my girls (nieces) came over for the day due to a snow day! There was lots of baby playing, rocking, feeding, dress up, etc. I could very easily handle 3 girls. Sean on the other hand, would probably lose his mind. After Lyla had a nap, the girls wanted to go in the snow. You know I hate snow, but thought Ly should be allowed to see what snow is all about once in her life, right? So we all bundled up...

looking a bit ghetto. No one was snow ready so we had to find random things in the house to keep us warm. I couldn't find Lyla's mittens so she had my socks on her hands. Avery didn't have a hat, so a hat that is still to big for Lyla went to her. And then Avery added the sunglasses by herself. Totally made the outfit, if you ask me!

This picture cracks me up, every.single.time. I look at it. She's such a goof.

Miss Reese even got in on some action. But Reese, Lyla and I only lasted about 2 minutes, but the girls wanted to say out.

When they finally came back inside, they were covered head to toe in snow. Threw all their clothes in the dryer, made a cup of hot cocoa, and they were happy playing in their undies. Oh, to be a kid again.
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