October 23, 2010

Thursday Playdate

Thursday was just overall a great day!

We had our HRC playdate with Miss Kynli and Shannon!

Lyla loved the little kitchen and spent most of her time there! She may just need some little cooking utensils added to her toys!

Lyla making her lyla face. I'm going to assume her and Kyn both wanted the same toy and Lyla lost.

The girls and their matching bows. Shannon and I had a bow date earlier in the week and so of course the girls had to show them off!

Miss Kynli, isn't she adorable!

Another of Ly's favorite toys, a stroller!

Lyla picking on Kyn. I told ya she's a bully. I have no idea why. Her temperment is very similar to someone else that I know...

A moment of sweetness from both girls!

My parents then came to town to buy new furniture for their living room. So we met them at Semelinos for lunch then headed to Ashley Furniture. I then had a photo session and the rest of the night was spent with Miss Ly!!!
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