October 22, 2010

Lyla {14 months}... a couple days late!

Happy 14 months, pretty girl!!!

- You weigh just under 20 lbs.
- You wear mostly 6-12 month clothes still. 9 months fit you perfect, but your fall wardrobe is mostly 12 months and so they are just a bit big.
- You are still in a size 3 diaper and are in cloth diapers about 95% of the time now.

- You still crawl all the time and have yet to take any steps.
- You pull up on everything but have yet to really find your balance.
You sleep from about 8 pm til 7:30 am with 1 nap a day, right after lunch for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

- You {love} puppies. Reese is the greatest thing to you!
- You love looking out the front or back door. Especially the back door when the dogs are all out.
- You are getting better at walking with just 1 hand.

- You are still a GREAT eater. You'll eat anything and everything!
- You can say mama, dada, uh-oh, and hi clearly. You like to mimic other things we say but we can't really make anything out.
- You are still biting and are kind of a bully! You do not like it when others take a toy away or grab something you wanted. And you especially hate it when mama gives other kiddos attention.

- You love to throw tantrums. If we tell you no or take something away, you are a full out drama queen. You have your daddy's temperament!

- When we eat supper at night, we always pray before we eat and you've just started putting your hands together to pray too.

- You love love love to give kisses.

- When we tell you to say goodbye, you now automatically blow a kiss.

- You started your first HRC class! I'm hoping the interaction with other kids you don't know will help you become a nicer little girl!

- Its become pretty impossible to get pictures of you by myself. I now need someone to help me to get you to smile! You def. know what the camera is. You even know how to work your little play camera.

-You've yet to get your molars and have 8 teeth.

-You've also started brushing your teeth by yourself and love doing it. If we are ever in the bathroom you always put right to where your toothbrush is kept.

- You still love to suck your thumb.

- You love music! Anytime you hear music, you start dancing.

- Your favorite toys would be your helicopter, any type of ball, or your laugh and learn farm house!

We love you baby girl!!!!
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