October 11, 2010

I did it.

Well folks, I did it.

I can officially cross something off the ole' bucket list.

I ran my first 5K....without dying! :)

My goal was to finish in 35 minutes and NO walking. Well by the time the day came (Saturday) my goal was to finish in 40 minutes and it was OK if I walked a time or two. I'll be honest. I was freaking the morning of. I didn't sleep worth a darn. My stomach was in knots and my muscles were tight. Sean and I ran a bit to warm up and I was tired just doing a few laps.

However, I did MUCH better than I could of imagined. I finished in 32 mins 8 sec annnnd..... did not walk! I started off feeling like an elephant running since I was tight from being nervous but eventually I relaxed and did OK. I have no shame admitting I'm slow. I'm just proud that I completed my goal!

Here's the standings:
Me: Placed 20th out of 34 in my age group. Overall I finished 45th out of 66 people.

Sean: Finished in 21:24 - got 5th out of 66 people overall and got 3rd out of 10 people for the guys in his age group.

Kevin: Finished in 20:29 and got 2nd in his age group. Overall he got 4th out of the 66 people.

Thanks so much to my brother for running it with us along with my SIL Kelci, Mom and my dad for coming up and cheering for us! Love you guys!

And also, props to my friend Shannon for doing an awesome job as well! We started training about the same time with the goal in mind of running this race together! Proud of you dear.

Turkey Trot....here we come!

I'll add pics when I get some. Both of my camera weren't charged and so I have a few from my dad and waiting to see some from my SIL!
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