November 12, 2009

Wedding part 1

Granna and Lyla while we were decorating the reception site!

My Aunt Sylvia (Lyla's great aunt) from Ohio!!Table decorations!! I thought they were adorable! Very creative!

My adorable little gir!!

Oh I love her!

Big smiles!

Fun with my momma!! Man she's so lucky to have such a wonderful daughter like me!! :)

Things have been crazy this week! Good ol' me has come down with a stupid cold! I've been way to sick this last month. The flu, a sinus infection, and now a cold! Seriously? Enough! Hopefully it doesn't spread to either of my loves! I only went to work for less than an hour to finish up some charts today. I then went home and went to sleep for a bit. I'm planning on staying home tomorrow and getting some sleep and trying to get over this. I can't stop sneezing or blowing my rudolph nose! And I'm smarter than some other people because I'm not going out and about spreading this yuckiness!!

Enjoy the pics thus far. There will be more tomorrow!!!

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