November 24, 2009


Wanna know what I was *SO* excited about?

My boys came to town. Well actually my boys came to KC but that's the closest I've been to them since I lived in PA. Can you guess who my boys are??

These studdly boys,the STEELERS, that happened to lose to what I consider, one of the worst teams in the NFL. But that's beside the point! *MY* boys were here and I got to see them in action! It was an awesome football/tailgating day! We got up at 5:30, only had a few hours of sleep, and headed off to Arrowhead. The tailgating included my mom and dad, brother and SIL, and Sean and I. I missed Lyla *SO* bad, but managed to survive 29 hours without her. Yes, I counted down. I do that. Anyways...

We played some washers, ate an awesome meal and drank a little. Believe me when I say I got my mother to take a shot. Yup, she was a trooper. You see, my mother doesn't drink. Period. I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen her drink. But this was a special occassion and called for a Vodka shot! I wish I could upload the video of it because it is *HILARIOUS*. And I should mention that was the first shot I've had since having Miss Lyla. And Sean could tell the minute I was feeling it because this chick becomes even more talkative then I already am. For some reason I like to ramble about random things when I drink. I'm cool. I know.

We then headed into the Stadium and got to watch my boys in action. Now it was a great game, BUT it would have been about a million times better if we won. I'm still not sure how we lost to the stinkn' chefs of all teams, but oh well. It was still a good game! We all had an awesome time and I think we are all ready to head to another game.

Here's some pics from the weekend! * Warning * Possible Picture Overload *

My madre and padre!

We didn't want people to know that Sean was with us!

Ok, just kidding. We let him back in. But only because he's cute!

Kevin and Kelci

Steeler Hugs!

We're hot, I know.
*The* Shot!
Sean and I

Celebrating Kev's 24th Birthday!
More pics tomorrow!

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