November 17, 2009

Happy 3 Months, Baby Girl!

Again and again I say how fast time is flying. And once again, I'm going to use that phrase!

I can't believe how fast time is going!!! To think that just 3 months ago Miss Lyla was born! 3 months ago I was in horrendous pain waiting for my little miracle! Ahh, I love her! Everything about her. I only wish everyone could experience this type of love! It's the best thing. EVER.

Well Miss Lyla dear, here's what you are up to at 3 months.

1. You still don't sleep much at night. Momma would love for you to sleep just 5 hours straight. Most of the time you sleep about 3 hours straight, 4 if I'm lucky. After that 1st stretch however, you wake up about ever 1.5 to 2 hours.

2. You love to blow bubbles and are becoming more vocal!

3. You wake up the happiest baby every single time!

4. You weigh around 12 lbs.

5. You just started pushing up with your shoulder when lying on your tummy! You love tummy time!

6. You are still in 0-3 month clothes.

7. You wear size 1 diapers at daycare!

8. You smile every time someone talks to you! You love to smile and have the cutest smile!

9. You got your ears pierced and look so cute with them in!

10. You are starting to grab and hold on to things more.

11. You take 2 good naps a day and 1 small nap in the early evening. You go to sleep around 9-10 at night. 11 if you are fighting sleep, like you do most of the time!

12. You are a very active baby and love to throw your arms around and kick those chubby legs!

13. You still have the lacrimal duct obstruction but it's not as bad as when you were born.

14. You still co-sleep with momma, but that will soon be coming to an end. Hopefully.

15. You have great neck strength and can hold your head up for long periods of time now!

16. You love your fingers and hand and have started sucking that thumb! You mostly suck your thumb when you are tired but you will suck on your whole hand whenever you get the chance!

We love you more and more everyday Miss Lyla! :) You are getting so big and it is so fun watching you grow up and change everyday! We love you!
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