November 15, 2009

Lookie, lookie!

Miss Lyla got her ears pierced! And she looks so cute! Of course, she'd be cute in anything but the earrings add a cute little touch!

I know that the whole ear piercing thing can be controversial. Some people think they should be able to decide for themselves (Sean's side) and some think to get them done while they are little (my side). Sean's side obviously lost in our situation. I knew that before Lyla was born that she was going to have her ears pierced at her 3 month birthday! She was such a trooper too! She cried for a little bit but was consolable! She sat still for both and did a really good job for a 3 month old baby! Sean on the other hand, didn't do so well. He managed to take the first picture and then he was out of there! I think he went into Game stop for a bit and what not. He pretty much just kept walking in circles. His big thing was that he thinks she's perfect (and she is) and doesn't need "holes in her head". And don't think I'm heartless for wanting to make her cry either. Because I didn't. I was nervous, my hands were clammy and my heart was beating fast! I didn't want her to be in pain and I never will want that. But at this age, she won't be pulling on her ears or trying to take them out and she won't remember a thing!!! It worked for us to do it now. Ok, actually it worked for me to do it now since Sean obviously didn't want her to get it done. But this is the daddy that also doesn't want his daughter to get a cell phone until she's driving and she can't date until she's 30. Rriiiggghhttt.

Here's the before pic!! There were not in-betweens or right afters since Sean was MIA and wouldn't look at us, much less take a picture.

Her ears once we got home. It's kinda hard to get a good picture of them!

Well I'm off to get caught up on CSI Miami. We are 2 shows behind! Hope you had a great weekend! :)
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