December 8, 2011

Sleeping beauty/handsome?

Can boys be sleeping beauties? Sean says no, but I disagree. Or actually, I really don't know what I'd call it. So for now, Cohen is a sleeping beauty/handsome.

And he is now a tummy sleeper. Since he's started rolling over, he's almost always sleeps on his tummy, if I put him in his crib awake.

(See the little sock on his right hand? He scratches the heck out of his head due to his cradle cap and also whenever he sleeps his hands are soooo cold, so socks have helped both of those things!)

Sean and I believe in letting our babes cry it out in order to help sleep train them. If you are one of those that must rock your baby or attend to every cry, then you are probably shaking your head at me or calling me a mean mom. Go for it! :) But this works great for us and as his parents, we feel we are doing what we need to do! As much as I love to snuggle with the little guy, I don't need him to wake up over and over again just to be snuggled with. When he sleeps better, he's happier. And the same for this momma. About 2 weeks ago, I noticed he was having trouble falling back to sleep after he woke up, normally about 6 hours after falling asleep. If he laid on me, he instantly fell asleep. If I then put him in his crib, he's instantly wake. No amount of patting him would get him back to sleep. So, Sean had last Friday off and we decided after he woke up and ate, we'd let him cry him self back to sleep if we needed to. And we did. And an hour later, and the poor boy was out. And it was hard, especially since we share a room with him right now. But since then it normally takes just a few minutes and he'll put himself back to sleep, if that. And that goes for naps too! So as much as it sucked, it has worked for us. We also started adding about 2 oz of formula to his night time bottle and that has helped him sleep about 2 hours longer, so now he's sleeping about 8 hours straight at night, gets up to eat, and back to sleep for about 4 more hours. I can not complain about that!!! And the reason we give him a night time bottle is because he has a hard time taking bottles, especially for Sean and I. If we go a couple days without giving him one, it is a big hassle for him to take one when he needs to. And with him going to the sitter here and there, I needed him to be able to take one regularly.

However, one of my favorites time of the day is when I have both of my babies in bed with me, snuggling first thing in the morning! Love.

I love sleep... and I hope Cohen does too! We did all these same things with Lyla and she's been a great sleeper! So hopefully Cohen will be the same way!
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