December 14, 2011

My babes!

I can't remember if I've wrote this or not, but Lyla likes to call Sean, daddy sean. I'm not really sure why but whenever he doesn't answer her right away, then she normally calls him daddy sean. So this morning, I didn't answer her fast enough and she called me mommy sean :)

Her new phrase is, "I'm fine" whenever we ask if she wants/needs or something. Or say, I asked her if I could do her hair, she told me no, that she was fine! :) She'll normally give you a little flip of the wrist at the same time too!

She loves cat in the hat right now so today something was wrong with the TV this morning so she kept asking to go watch cat in the hat in the car. Needless to say, we did not go watch it in the car! :)

Whenever I need her to do something but she won't do it, one of the things I bribe her with is angry birds on my phone! She'll almost always do what I ask. Most often it is her letting me do her hair.

I was doing her Christmas pictures today and to get her to smile I told her that I was going to call uncle bro and tell her she was being naughty. Every time I pretended to get on my phone, she started laughing, giving me genuine smiles!

I just love that little girl!

This little boy is getting so big! I can't believe he'll be 4 months in just a few days. Jeez!

Every time we lay him on his back, he flips to his tummy right away. He was loving on his little caterpillar today! The little ball is a favorite of his too! If he's crying, we just shake it in front of him and he'll grab on and try to eat it!

Oh, I just love him to pieces!

I'm SO SO blessed!
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