December 9, 2011

The kiddos

We've been so busy the last few weeks and everytime Lyla does something cute or says something funny, I always say, I need to write this down. But I always forget! Sad...

So what's been new around here?

Mr. Cohen no longer likes to lay on his back! He's now a rolling machine! However, once he gets to his tummy, he normally gets mad because he can't figure out what else to do! He can roll from his tummy to his back, but most of the time it is just from back to tummy. He's also started "real" laughing, which is adorable! He will almost always instantly smile at you when you talk to him, but it takes some work to get some laughs out of him. He loves to "talk" and be talked to! He's a drooling machine right now too! His cradle cap is almost 100% better and the boy has started sleeping 8 hours straight at night ( at least for the last 5 days). I'm sure I just jinxed that one for me! :)

Miss Lyla is so fun right now! She's talking up a storm and repeats everything! She's finally starting to get the hang of counting but does it on her terms. She still thinks every color is red! Someday we'll get there!

One of the funny things she's doing right now is whenever I drop her off at the sitters to play, I always tell her no biting, to have a sweet heart and to play nice. So today before she went to Char's house, she was carrying around her purse and baby and had on a hat and her bracelets and told me she was going to Char's. I told her love you and she goes, be nice, happy heart, no bite. :) So I think she's paying attention to me! :) Haha! Luckily, everyone says she's a sweet girl and acts so good, and we agree! Just love her to death!

She's still coming up to our bed in the middle of the night and we are still to tired/lazy to take her back to her bed. The one time we tried, she was back up in just a few minutes!

She also loves to skype. I was working on my computer one night and she went to go get hers and sat next to me and told me she was skyping Bro and Kelci! Now whenever she she's me on my computer she'll say, Skype, mommy?

Oh, and her funny for today was, we were in the car going to Char's and she tells me, Mommy, Ty's sad. I asked her why and she goes, He's crying. I asked why again and she just started busting out laughing! We think she has a little crush on him!

And a video of the giggling boy!

Just love them.

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