December 20, 2011

3 month pictures

I'm pretty impressed with myself that I managed to get his 3 month pictures done before he turned 4 months! :) Actually I waited a little longer because I wanted him to be able to hold his head up really well for a couple minutes at a time. Makes taking the pictures a little easier on me! :) I did these in about 3 different sessions - one of the pro's about being the photographer. I can do them/squeeze them in whenever I want! One of the cons... it's hard to get him to smile when I'm hiding behind a camera!

So enjoy Cohen's 3 month pictures. I know I'm biased, but I think he's stinkn' adorable. I could just eat him up. Oh, and his wrinkles on his forehead... love them. He may need botox though before he's 10! :)

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