September 18, 2011

Cohen {1 month}

I can not believe I gave birth to this cutie 1 month ago... time stinkn' flies. Why is it that it takes forever for the baby to get here and then times just flies by!?

- You weighed 8 lbs 5 oz at 3 weeks old, so I would guess you are just under 9 pounds.
-Newborn clothes fit you perfect and you are starting to semi-fit into 0-3 months.
-You are in newborn diapers and I think I'm going to start up with cloth diapers here soon.
-Your nicknames are Co, Coco, and daddy calls you Co bo!

-You were sleeping amazing from the time you got home but the past 2 days you have been up every 3 hours or so. When we got home from the hospital you were sleeping in 5 1/2 -7 hours stretches. I'm hoping you start that back up again soon!
-You have good sleep/awake periods during the day.
-You are a calm baby for the most part. But if you are super tired or over hungry then you let us know!
-Your fussiest part of the day is in the evenings. We've started giving you some gripe water just to see if that helps you some.

-You nurse about every 2 1/2 -4 hours. You are not really good at taking a bottle and it takes you forever to down 4 ounces.
- The swing has been a life saver for us. It calms you down most times if you get fussy.
- You absolutely refuse to take a pacifier even if I've begged you over and over.
-You have crazy hair in the back and none in the front. You also have baby acne pretty bad right now.

-You had a blocked tear duct for the first few weeks but it seems like it has cleared up.
-Your big sister ADORES you!
- Tummy time is going pretty good and you don't mind it for short periods. You love to sit upright more than laying down so you can check out what's going on.
-You are not really tracking things yet, but I'm sure it'll be soon.

-My guess is you will be a very laid back, serious and calm baby.
-We don't really know who you look like, but I see your Uncle Kevin in you a lot.
- You've already attended your first KU game! ;) Daddy has high hopes you'll be a KU (and a Chiefs, yuck) fan! I'm just hoping you love the Steelers! ;)

Happy 1 month baby boy! We love you so much and couldn't imagine life without you. You've made our lives just that much more complete!

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