September 20, 2011

Park and Mom's Club get together

I'm almost afraid to blog this, but Mr. Cohen slept for.... drum roll.... 8 hours last night. Um, holy stars, that was amazing! Of course, I didn't get that much as I was periodically checking on him but still, it was better than the previous few nights. I'm sure he'll give me a run for my money tonight. ;) I probably just jinxed myself!

Anyways, he woke up at 5:45 and after nursing him, I decided to just get up for the day. I'll admit it was nice to get a few things done around the house without Lyla 2 steps behind me! I got clothes put away, dishes put away, beds made, and the living room picked up. I also managed to edit a session before she woke up. Of course, come 11:30 I was exhausted. Mr. Cohen also had another first... he slept in his crib for his afternoon nap!

This morning, by 8:00 we were already on the way out of the house to go on a walk. It felt great to get out but I still feel worn out. We did make a stop by the park for a bit and then the rest of the day was pretty much spent on the couch! For some reason, the past few days I've felt achy, tired, etc, kinda like the flu, but it only lasts a little bit and then starts to get better but not great. So I've been trying to take it easy as not to get sick!!!

Tonight we headed to Sonic for my Mom's Club Family Night out. It was a cute little get together and Miss Lyla got to play in sand, which she loves! I'm thinking the girl needs a sand box next year.

And lastly, here's a video to prove that Miss Lyla is not a Chiefs fan! She loves her some Steelers! ;)

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