September 15, 2011

blog break

I haven't blogged in forever, which is pretty obvious if you read my blog regularly! And I really don't have a good reason! We've been busy, but I've been lazy with getting a post up. So here's a catch up....

We went to the KU opener football game and also the FHSU football opener game at the beginning of the month! We love football around here!

Cohen is doing awesome! We had his 1 month appt early, about a week ago, and Mr. Cohen weighed in at 8 lbs 5 oz. I have a little oinker on my hands! ;) And I love it! He's doing so good and it's hard to believe he'll be a month in 3 days!

Lyla is adjusting great to being a big sister. She adores him...too much sometimes! She calls him Baby Co and talks about him all the time or wants to hold him or help with whatever we are doing with him!

I started back to work last week and it felt great, actually! I am truly blessed having the jobs I do. I love being home majority of the time with my babies and I love being able to get out and take pictures!

Sean is doing great as well and is such a great dad. He's mostly with Lyla these days and as he stated, "She's more fun". So I get the poopy diapers and feeding and Sean gets to play! ;)

And that is our lives right now. Back to regular blogging tomorrow!
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