September 19, 2011

Football weekend!

Our past weekend was spent watching football! We are definitely a football family around here! We headed to watch FHSU play again Southwest Baptist Saturday night. It was a really good game until the 3rd quarter when it started misting which turned into raining and so we had to leave. And unfortunately, the tigers just barely lost! Great game, Tigers.

Watchn' the game! She LOVES football. And I think the word loves is an understatement.

And earlier in the day it was a Rock Chalk Saturday around here! Which means the 8ft Jayhawk gets put up and we all wear KU! Lyla is still pretty scared of it up close, but likes it from a distance. Cohen was sleeping so he missed out on the pictures!

And then Sunday, the Chiefs got their tails kicked. Just got kicked, but actually spanked! And well the Steelers won! Just sayin'! ;) And I taught Lyla a neat little trick, I guess you can call it that. Whenever she hears the word Chiefs she says Boooo and whenever she hears Steelers she puts her hands up and yells Wahoooo!!! ;) Love her! I'm thinking she'll be a Steelers fan and Cohen will be a Chiefs fan. House divided around here!
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