August 5, 2013

Quick vacation 2013

 Apparantly I took a semi long blog break! And we have had quite a lot going on in July. Since I last blogged we took a trip to Kansas City for a few days, I got to photograph my sweet new cousin being born, Sean competed in another tri, Lyla finally decided to learn to ride her big girl bike, we are process of getting Lyla to stop sucking her thumb, and county fairs.

So first up, some vacation pictures. We first stopped off in Topeka and ate lunch with some friends and got to meet their new little boy! We then headed off to KC and first stopped off at Wonderscope Children's museum.  This place was pretty awesome and the kids LOVED it. It's an old school converted into a children's museum with lots of activities in each of the rooms.  

The first room we went into was a ball/race track room, so Cohen was in heaven.

 Next up was a farm/market and once Cohen saw the cow he was in heaven once again! 

 Then we did a lego room...
 and a fort building room.

They had a super cute vet office/pediatrician office and I think the kids couldn't have stayed there for a long time! Cohen is in a baby stage and just played with the babies over and over while Lyla loved taking care of all the puppies and cats.

She would make a super cute doctor!

Next up was a water room!

 Cohen loves knocking things over, so he was in heaven here too!

 I think they had fun!
 We then went to oak park mall and did some shopping and then headed to the casino. I had a free room to use up and so we stayed at Harrah's and ate dinner at the 810 zone before conking out for the night. 

The next day we head to the crown center and went to Sealife, the aquarium. Even though they don't look like it, they were super excited! I didn't think it was that great since we have been to quite a few aquariums, but it was fun! 

We then went to some of shops and checked out the Curious George exhibit .

Next up was Fritz's - they serve your food on a train. While it was a fun atmosphere, the food wasn't that great. 

Ordering our food...

Cohen was a little freaked out for some reason once the trains kept coming by!

 Later that day we headed to Legends for more shopping while the kids cooled off by the fountain.
Cohen was soaked when it was all over!

 After a quick snack at the dinosaur restaurant, we headed over to the Tbones game. Both of the kids are big into baseball right now, so they had lots of fun. We had some awesome seats and the Tbones won!

 Cohen was not a fan of the mascot!
 Love them all!
 He was pretty mesmerized. We hear the word ball no less than 200 times a day (for real) so he was in his happy place!  And he happened to be going through a phase there where he had to take his mitt everywhere.

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