August 7, 2013

Baby Jay 3.0 - 4d experience

Yesterday, we got to see our little girl again! Sean, myself, my parents, Sean's mom and grandma all came with us and we got to do a 4d scan of her!  This was one thing I was super excited to do with baby number 3 as I'll never get to do anything "fun" again since this is our last baby! It was a fun experience and I loved getting to see her. She was pretty mellow at the beginning and then got crazy at the end and ended up rolling over and showing us the back of her head. Game over for her! :)

We mostly just saw the right side (I think) of her face and she had her hands and toes by her face the rest of the time!  She is a bendy, flexible little thing! She is head down and basically folded in half as she was playing with her toes and they were right by her face! And actually, she is kind of a big thing - she was weighing in at 3 lbs 6 oz and it measuring at 30 weeks (so 1 week behind). I may just get my first chunky baby! 

In this picture, her face is to the left of the screen and her fingers are by her face!

Her face again and you can see her chubby cheek!  Her hand is in a fist on her nose!

In the video below, her face is on the left side of the screen and you can see her opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue a little.

Her face without a fist right in front!

Opening her mouth again and you can see her tongue a little better. It kinda looks like she is licking her arm! 

This is a video of her foot/heel and her calf.

At the bottom of the screen, you'll see her rib and then you see her elbow and arm come flying through too.

Overall, it was so fun to see! I've been lucky to have quite a few sonos so I was able to detect most things but sean really had no idea! :)  It was still an awesome experience and it is the last time I'll see baby girl before she makes her grand appearance! :) 
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