August 11, 2013

Herzogfest 2013

 Our little town just wrapped up Herzogfest and it was so much fun, as always. And the food...amazing. I look forward to herzog for the food every.single.year. Especially being pregnant, I REALLY looked forward to it this year. And I got my 2 favorites each day. Potato and dumplings and this BBQ sandwich that was SO yummy! Saturday night, Sean and I actually each got one and then split so we could eat both! 

Saturday morning, we got up early for the 5k run. Sean pushed the kiddos again and bettered his time by around a minute 20 seconds from the Wild west fest run. He got 38th out of 65 guys I think and got 45 out of 160 total. He also got 3rd in his age group and as always 1st in the (imaginary) stroller division.

 Afterwards - they love their daddy! :)

After the race, we went and watched the parade which basically consisted of firetrucks, 4 wheelers, a few tractors and horses. It was probably the shortest parade to date! But the kids still had fun and we enjoyed hanging out with some friends!

That night we back down for dinner and hung out with some more friends. They also put up a hot air balloon for display for a little bit and that was fun to experience.

And then it was over. :( Until next year!
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