July 12, 2013

Baby Jay 3.0 :: The second appearance ::

 Last Monday, I had another sono to check my fluid levels and so we got to see Miss thing again! Which I loved. Sean was swamped at work, so he didn't get to see her but we got a few cute profile pics. My favorite is the 2nd to last of her nose and mouth!  She was also yawning during the sono which was cute too.  Unfortunately right now the little stinker is breech. So she best be finding a way to turn around before her due date! She weighed in around 2.2 lbs and was measuring around 26 weeks 1 day. (I'm technically 26 and 5 days.). She is also still very much a girl! :) Oh, and her heartbeat was 135. I compared her to Lyla who had I had to have a sono with at 28 weeks and Lyla was 2.8 lbs and her hb was 136. So they are pretty similar!  Oh, and my fluid levels were higher, so everything is good there too!

And without further ado, Miss Baby Jay 3.0 at 26 weeks!

 My favorite. Up by her head is her hand as she kept her hands next to her face most of the time. Lyla did the same thing!

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