July 11, 2013

The Center tri - Sean's first tri of 2013

In June Sean competed in his first tri of the year and also his first tri since his accident.  It was another early morning, but it was beautiful out, so it was worth it. And Sean did really well. He got 9th overall and was 1st in his age division.

Last year swimming was super hard for him, but this year  he did really well with the swimming and was first in his heat!

 Transitioning to the bike - he rode 12 miles.

 2 of his fans! :)
 Transitioning to the run - he ran a 5k (3.1 miles)

 That afternoon Tyler and Kayla came up and while the boys were off golfing, Kayla and I sewed Kayla's crib skirt for the baby.  Then we had Sarah and Kynlee over for a BBQ. The kiddos had lots of fun playing together! Kynlee and Cohen are about 4 months apart!

I love his crazy hair!

 They were worn the heck out after playing all evening!

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