July 10, 2013

West Wild Fest 5K

Sean decided he wanted to run in the WWF 5K last Saturday and then decided he wanted to push Lyla and Cohen too. When he checked out the times for the race he knew he didn't have a chance competition wise, so he did it for fun and pushed 70 lbs instead! :) 

This is what our little runners thought of with having to get up super early!

 They were not excited for pictures!

 I walked a few blocks and met up with them at around the 1 mile spot! It was the only time I got to see them until the finish line!

And the finish!

Between pushing the stroller, his knee, and it raining, Sean did really well! He finished with a time of 26.34. He also likes to say he got 1st place in the stroller division. For the record, there was no stroller division! :) He's just ultra competitive.

They were a little happier once they got out of the stroller!

After the race, we headed to the downtown market and stopped and got the kids new tennis shoes before going to the parade! This was the only picture we got because the kids were to excited for the parade! :)

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