April 15, 2013

Quick recap

 Since I pretty much took a blog break from Sept til March, I thought I'd do a quick recap of a few things we have done since then.

Sweet boy turned one and I never blogged the full thing! But needless, he was a loved boy and we had lots of fun. If you remember how Sean tore his ACL, this was the day that he did that!

The birthday boy and his set up!
 Getting at it! He loves cake! :)

At the beginning of Sept, we went to the KU football home opener. Cohen got left behind because he would NEVER sit still for 3 hours so this time it was just us 3 and then my parents came as well! It was their first KU game!

Lyla is pretty much scared of every mascot in the world, but she did pretty good as long as someone was holding her!

Now some randoms that I don't want to forget! Cohen LOVES Piper's cage and we find him in there often! Sister also loves to lock him in!

Sean and I went on a little getaway in dec! We went shopping on the Plaza and Sean even arranged a horse carriage ride for us! So fun! The next day we went and toured the Chiefs stadium and then headed to a KU game! 

We then jetted home early to watch our sweet girl perform in her first Christmas concert at church! To say we were proud would be an understatement!

Then it was Christmas time! Baby Ben has started walking with a walker and all the kiddos got some great gifts, along with us adults!

 All the kiddos on my side! The best we got!
It's cute to see them together - actually being sweet! And Miss Lyla loves to pretend that she is sleeping! :)
 And I think this is right before we found out we were having another baby and before sickness took over our house!

Cohen doing what he does best - climbing! This boy climbs the kitchen table all the time!

My sweet girl! :)
So in summary - we were all alive, even if I wasn't blogging! :) A few of these should have proper posts, but I can't guarantee that will ever happen! :)
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