April 16, 2013

Lyla's Garden - 2013

 I'm blessed with having a pretty awesome hubbydaddy. Lets just say I lack any type of green thumb. Plants and flowers "bore" me after a certain amount of time and I "forget" to water them. So in the end, they die. Each year Sean tells me I'm not allowed to get any flowers. Every year I end up with flowers! :)  Mama wins.

I love the idea of a garden, but truth be told, I don't want to take care of it. I just want to reap the benefits of it! Fresh veggies and fruits - yes please. 

On pinterest I found some stuff on pallet gardens and after mentioning it to Sean, he wanted to plant one with Lyla. We are also going to have a bigger one on the side of the house, but if you ask Lyla, this is HER garden. 

So saturday as we battled Kansas' crazy wind, they are planted Lyla's first pallet garden. 

Planting the seeds...


Love her... 


Minus the fact she looks a bit on the homeless side - she was so excited to be working on her garden with her daddy!

 Oh, this child!

We are planting strawberrys, spinach and cilantro. We may add something else once Kansas weather gets a reality check and it stops deciding to snow once a week.

I love all of his little tiny features! He was a covered mess of dirt by the time we were finished. While they were putting the dirt into the pallet, he kept taking it and throwing it up and it would land in his hair.

I really need to do a post on this boy. He is a heck of a hot mess but so much fun! 

The next morning Lyla wanted to go out and check her garden but she was not pleased that nothing had grown yet. We need to teach her a little patience! Hopefully she will enjoy gardening as both her grandmas do! And hopefully she won't kill everything like her momma does!
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