April 11, 2013

Our Easter - 2013

 I didn't get the chance to edit any of these pictures but I figured if I waited until I had time to do that I would never get the chance to blog it. 

The Easter bunny came and both the kids were spoiled! Lyla was extremely spoiled by getting the bike. The Easter bunny has no plans to spoil them this much in the future! But Miss Lyla needed a new bike and it was good timing. She was SUPER excited, but I think a bit intimidated by the bigger bike. If the Easter bunny would have given Cohen a basket full of balls, he would have been just as excited!

We headed to Milberger for church with Sean's family and then we headed to Nana's for lunch. Delicious! 
We then had our annual Easter egg hunt and the kiddos loved them! Cohen really didn't have much of an idea but he still had fun!

The kiddos and their Mimi

All the kiddos minus Hoyt. Um, can I say how freaking cute are Lyla and Cohen holding hands?

We then headed out to my parents and had an Easter egg hunt there and this time Cohen had a little better idea of what to do! 

Here she is with Uncle Kevin, who she adores. I'm not so sure what is so special about him! :)

 Kevin, Kelci and Ben. Ben was on the sick side (as was Cohen) so he wasn't in the best of moods!

 Not the best picture (and I REALLY need a hair cut and to feel like a human again). But this is us! Haha!

Pops and Granna with their grandkids!

And that sums up Easter for us! Family time and lots of good food!
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