April 6, 2013

All about Baby Jay 3.0 - so far

 So I found out I was pregnant on Feb 5th. I had dropped Lyla and her friend off at preschool and ran to Dillons to get a test. I just got a cheap one and went home to take it. Within minutes of getting home I had already taken it (I'm NOT patient) and tried distracting myself for a few minutes. When I went to check it, OMG was all that came out of my mouth. I had this feeling I was pregnant but didn't know if it would  actually come true. A lot more of OMG's later and panic kinda set in. Don't get me wrong, I was super excited but also super super surprised. I quickly went online and tried to guesstimate a due date which I was guessing at around Oct 21st. My body is way wonky so I really didn't have a true idea. 

My next thing was to decide how to tell Sean. I knew he was going to freak and I really wanted to get it on video but wasn't able to! But it was funny! :) I always knew that I wanted 3 or 4 kids but Sean was very content on 2 so I knew this was going to shock him! :) Especially since we weren't trying! 

This is how I ended up telling him. We have nick named all of our babies - Baby Jay - so this baby is of course no different. 

When Sean finally got home (which felt like it took forever) I had the chalkboard set up right where he would be able to see it when he walked in but of course he didn't see it. He then gave me a hug and asked me why I was so smiley.  I then pointed to the chalkboard. It took him a second but then looked at me and then the board again and was like No, No, really? No, now way? Seriously. Then I think he began to have a small panic attack! We were both laughing in between Sean breathing like he was already in labor. With that said, he was super happy but yes,very shocked and surprised!   
 Here he is looking at the board for like the millionth time and laughing!
 Ignore the horrible picture, but us shortly after telling Sean! :)

Since I wasn't sure of the due date I had called my clinic and they wanted me to get my blood drawn to see what my HCG levels were. It wasn't until a few days later that I finally got in to get them done. 2 days later I got the results and they were at 50,000 which would have put me between 5-7 weeks. I was thinking I was only 4 weeks and once I told the nurse that and also how sick I had already become she mentioned twins. Eeek!  So she ordered an ultrasound for us. On the  Feb 19th we went and found out just 1 little baby was making me miserable! They also told us that was 6 weeks and 6 days along with the due date of 10.9. Baby Jay 3.0s heartbeat was 122 as well! Everything looked great!

Since then, it has been a whole lot of sickness for me.This by far as been the worst pregnancy so far. On top of morning sickness, I have had just about every pregnancy symptom in the book. I also got the respiratory flu which then turned into a sinus infection (that is still lingering along) and also a UTI on top of that. Plus to make everything more fun - Lyla and Cohen were sick on and off all of Feb and March as well making it the longest 8 weeks ever. 

But things are starting to be better. I have a few good days then a few bad days, but I'm thankful the bad days are not everyday anymore. Now I'm not so patiently waiting to find out whether a baby boy or girl will be completely our family! My gut says girl but it changes about everyday. Only about 6 1/2 weeks to go! :) 

Next up - our 1st appt.
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