November 6, 2012

Trick or Treat night ::Halloween 2012 ::

 This year, Lyla was excited for Halloween in September. It was quite a long month! They day of Halloween, when she came home from the sitters, she goes, is TODAY the day we go trick or treating? :) She's been slightly excited! 
She had been asking to be Spiderman for Halloween. Well, I'm to much of a girly girl to allow such nonsense, so after much deliberation, we settled on Spider girl.  She's got her spider part of it and I got the pink! :) 

Abi and Avery came over before they went to their church party so we could get some pictures and see them in their costumes. Obviously, Cohen isn't in his costume, but this year we had Clark Kent, a dancer, Spider girl and Spider woman (per Avery).

 Silly girls!

 In their costumes. Cohen's costume was by far my favorite! I loved how it turned out, just wish he would have kept the glasses on! It made the costume!

 This girl loved trick or treating and "got" it this year. She kept pointing to houses she wanted to go to and would have gone to every house if we would have let her. We stopped by a few friends in town and even went to our old neighbors and the old house! 
I wish I would have gotten a picture of their buckets. They tuned out super cute!

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