November 7, 2012

More Halloween tricks

The week before Halloween, the kiddos painted some pumpkins. Or colored them with crayons for Cohen.  Him and paint would not mix. Lyla likes to paint every ounce of whatever it is that she is painting so her pumpkin turned out black! (As did her pumpkin from preschool!)

 Cute halloween shirts and lots of hugs! :) Haha. This makes me laugh!
  The Monday before Halloween, we carved our pumpkins. We kept it to simple faces this year.  Lyla enjoyed getting all the guts out of the pumpkins with me while Daddy carved. And Cohen make ruckus all around the house! :) Ha!
 I love her! And for the record, she would have done all of this naked but I insisted she at least put on pants. She loves to be naked! (Random fact: Almost every night she takes off her pants and undies whenever she is sleeping).
 Cohen doing what he does best - pushing all the buttons on the dishwasher while Lyla and Daddy are working!

 The Tuesday before Halloween, Lyla had a fall party at school! They got to paint pumpkins, play pumpkin bowling and also a jack-o-lantern water game! She had so much fun! I got to come and help the class and enjoyed it so! I've waited a long time to be able to do this and love the fact that I get to stay home with my kiddos to do all of this and not miss out! Makes me super happy!

 Our finished pumpkins! Lyla picked out the littlest pumpkins for Piper! :)

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