November 5, 2012

So yeah...

It's been entirely way to long since I've blogged. Way longer than any other break I've ever taken. So I have LOTS of catching up to do. I still have Cohen's party to blog, his 14 month post, KU game, etc. The list goes on!

Here's quick updates:
Me, myself and I: I'm extremely busy with clients this fall and definitely the busiest I've ever been. And I may not be so great at managing that and being a wife and momma. Struggling majority of the time, but the busy season is slowly winding down and hopefully a new normal will start soon. 

Sean: His knee is getting better everyday and he's feeling good. He even said he felt like he could run on it, which the doctor said he would think that. But NOT to run on it! So he's riding his bike (a tri bike he recently bought) and enjoys doing that! He's super sad that KU and the Chiefs are playing horribly this year!

Lyla: She's a little spitfire these days and is becoming sassier by the day. She's testing her boundaries which is always interesting. She still LOVES dance class and loves her preschool class as well! She'd must rather be at 1 of those 2 places than at home! 

Cohen: Oh my, the best way to summarize him is: a hot mess. We may call him that to often as Lyla has picked up on that and likes to play mom with him and tells him he's a hot mess when he gets in trouble! :) He's into everything and anything and tires me out daily. I have no idea where he gets his energy! No words yet, though we did finally get the m sound out of him! He had a speech eval (more on that later) so hopefully he'll start talking soon!

And that's it as of now! :)
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