November 8, 2012

A night out

 The night before Cohen's birthday party and Sean's mud run, good friends of ours were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary so we had a little night out on the town. Except the town is Victoria and there really isn't anything to do! But receptions are fun! :) The downside - open bar. The big downside - open bar plus by baby boys first birthday party the next day.

 Let's just say that I don't recall anything from here on! Oi vey, but it was fun - from what I'm told! :)

 When I drink - I'm totally the life of the party! P.s. I make an awesome Indian.
 And I hit a wall around midnight and good ol' Sean got to pretty much carry me home from there! :) He just LOVES to take care of me when I've drank a few to many! :) 

The next morning was ROUGH. Really rough.  But I managed. We had Sean's mud run in the morning and my parents met us there with the kiddos.  Kevin, Kelci and Ben also met us there as Kevin was running it too.  Sean's friend from high school friend, Carrie, was also there as she ran with the boys!

 And about a second later this is where Sean slid in the mud and tore his ACL!
 There goes Kevin - See Sean in the mud? This is just prior to him then getting trampled! Poor guy!

After getting quickly checked out by the EMS we made it to the finish to watch Kevin finish as Sean sat by the car! Quite the race for Sean! He now says his mud run races are over!!
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